The International A Cappella Extravaganza & Hong Kong Tour

The Apex Project was invited to tour Hong kong in the Month of March 2018. This international event was organised by The Hongkong Federation of Youth Groups. It was an experience of a lifetime touring alongside and collaborating with world renowned jazz A Cappella group “Accent” and the top collegiate group in the USA  “The Nor’easters” A Cappella group. The group performed over 20 shows everyday over 2 weeks in shopping malls, hotels, office buildings, schools, outdoor stages and 2 grand concerts (The Extravaganza) which saw the group getting the highest CD & merchandise sales. This festival is till this day one of the more well-organised international events the group has been to. The group was well taken care of with clear and concise schedules, prompt transport to and fro performance venues and well informed managers guide the group wherever they went. The group was truly humbled by this experience and would love to go back to Hong Kong to organise a concert.

Hong Kong
Concert Tour