Moscow Spring A Cappella

The Apex Project was invited to be part of the Moscow Spring A Cappella festival 2019 along with groups from all over the world. Being the only Singapore representative, the group had nothing but excitement to bring our culture over to Moscow. It was a tremendous honor to meet A Cappella professionals from all over the world like “Women of the world” and “Sixappeal” and “Club for Five”. The group performed everyday for a week at different locations all over Moscow and experienced what it was like performing to Russian audiences. It was one of the best audiences the group has ever performed to, the culture and appreciation the Russians had towards the Arts were remarkable. People stayed throughout performances whether or not they understood the language the group was singing and they made sure to cheer and clap at the end. The group carried their equipment, almost 80kg, around every single show in order to ensure sound quality and cut wastage of time in sound checking a new system at every venue. The top groups were also given a prestigious spot on the final day concert on their grand stage which streamed live to Television. The show was so frantic that the performing groups did not even have time to do a soundcheck, and in spite of that and mostly due to the competency of their sound engineers and producers, the group was able to pull off a great performance in front of thousands at the venues and more at home. Originally the group was invited to this festival again this year, however, due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the whole festival was cancelled.

Moscow, Russia
Concert Tour